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Anonymous asked: Im a guy and I really want to make my girlfriend squirt. She wants to experience it too. Do you ave any tips? we really want to experience it. It looks intense


There really isn’t a short answer for that, especially because every woman and her turn ons are so different. I guess I can tell you about how I make Mrs. Compatible squirt though.

Our 4play never really starts at the beginning of sex, rather at the beginning of the day or the day before. We constantly tease each other. I literally grope her every time she is in arms length. If she walks past me and is wearing something that’s easily accessible, then I will DEF bend her over and stick my tongue in her ass and pussy. Even if it’s just for a few seconds. That makes chores around the house really fun too. Cooking, washing clothes, vacuuming, etc. Life is just better for a woman with a tongue in between her legs. So basically she’s walking around all day with a wet pussy. A lot of sexting and dirty talk over the phone to heighten arousal or anything else that you guys like to do to get you in the mood. Watching porn together. Sending porn clips via text message to each other at work, etc. Then, when you get to finally spend a few hours together at the end of the day, TAKE YOUR TIME. Continue teasing, eat her out like a savage! Suck her titties, choke her while you kiss her. Pull her hair while you bite on her neck. And DEFINITELY let her feel that you are hard and big in your pants. Push you bulge against her ass through your clothes. Once you both have had enough with the teasing lay her on her stomach and give her a g-spot massage with your fingers. Lick her ass at the same time if she/you are into that. Make her cum several times with your mouth and fingers before you start fucking her. Then once it’s time…TOUCH THE BACK OF HER SOUL WITH YOUR DICK…HARD!!! Let her get control after that. Let her make herself cum a few times…then, right as she cums and wants to take a few seconds to recoup, GIVE HER NO BREAKS!!! Just keep pumping harder and deeper and faster. If you get hit by arms or legs it’s because she’s losing control over her body, in which case you are doing EVERYTHING the right way. Keep on with the harder, stronger, faster until she gushes all over you. 

If that doesn’t work…well, at least you have a pretty decent guide to some awesome sex!

- Mr. Compatible

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F*ck all my foes; I hope all em die slow @ybmmg @kangofkings #seventrechevrolet

It’s funny that I came across this. @mi_sha_mi we were just saying this.



i tired

do i blog like i wear leather shirts and gold chains??? was u expectin this from ya boy?



Actually really good career advice from a laughing homicidal madman.

Words to live by

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